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{[ profile] dizzily} [ profile] disneydolce: Princes


Princess Jasmine

hair faceless close-up beauty demure
object on a cloud small emotion bright

The life of a princess
my prince my castle my sidekick my gown my foreign name

Artist's choice
one two three four five

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Your croppings and colouring are very interesting:)

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these are lovely :) i especially love hair and faceless!

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I love the coloring! Object and Bright are my favorites

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These are really cute :-)

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These are amazing♥ my favorites are "demure" and "bright."

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These are beautiful! I LOVE hair, object, on a cloud, my gown, my foreign name, AC5 :)

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So gorgeous :D Snagged a few :)

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She's so beautiful!! I loved these icons!

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These are all gorgeous! Bookmarking to come back and snag!

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Some of your icons have been nomintated at wd_awards:)

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Omg beautiful. <3